iPad Winner!

6 08 2012

The waiting is over!!! Congratulations to Tim B for winning the iPad 3 drawn on Departure Day! Enjoy!


Day 6 – Arrival Day!

6 08 2012

What an amazing journey and it becomes more and more clear why so many come back year after year to participate in this amazing event! Collectively, riders and crew, raised over 1.2 million dollars in support of Toronto PWA. This is an incredible accomplishment and everyone has so much to be proud of!

Looking forward to next year’s journey!


Bike Rally 2012 – Day 5

2 08 2012

Mike at Break in Morrisburg

Bike Rally 2012 – Day 4

1 08 2012

Day 4 is past and my body is starting to feel all of the exercise I’ve been getting in these past few days! I has some issues with my rhomboidal today so resorted to a massage and lots of stretching to fix myself up!

Today was also team talent night! We performed What A Feelin’ by Irene Cara to Jane Fonda’s Workout! Fabulous is all I can say and great job by the team to pull it all together!

Click here for the the Rally Ho’s 2 Talent night show – http://youtu.be/p_-PPgc_V4w

Mike – Rally Ho’s 2 T-shirt

Bike Rally 2012 – Day 3

31 07 2012

Day 3 and Red Dress Day is fast behind us! The team was charged with sweeping this morning’s ride and keeping everyone at the back of the pack motivated to finish. For such a short ride, there were plenty of flats and riders to assist along the way. Sadly no dress this year but aerobics comes to a close 2nd! How’d I do?!? 🙂

Mike – Red Dress Day

Rally Ho’s 2 – Team Dinner, Kingston

Bike Rally 2012 – Day 2

31 07 2012

The ride to Adolphustown was amazing today! Had our usually breaks at parks along the way and a fabulous lunch at Henderson’s B&B. A hot day but better than rain!


Mike @ the Murray Canal

Mike on Glennora Ferry


Bike Rally 2012

30 07 2012

Day one is behind us! After a great send off from Queen’s Park, we made our way to Port Hope! Fabulous day of riding with lots of sun and heat!


Mike, Chris and Steve at Queen’s Park

Rally Ho’s 2 at Queen’s Park


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