Musselman Lake pt.2 (67km)

21 07 2010

Sunday was my last ride before I depart from Toronto and make my way to Montreal. A friend and I completed our usual route to Musselman Lake. Much cooler than Saturday, but still quite a beautiful day.

We rode up to Musselman and took our break at the Cedar Beach Variety Store , the home of the “Coolest Little Ice Cream Shop”… don’t believe me? Check out the sign! This place is mostly full of candy, but we were able to grab ourselves some beverages to quench our thirst.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Musselman Lake, I strongly suggest you head out there. It’s close enough to the city that you can make a day out of it or just head up for ice cream!


Hills & Skills Seminar

22 06 2010

Wednesday I attended the Hills & Skills Seminar, hosted by the Friends for Life Bike Rally and facilitated by Lucinda Wallace. Overall the seminar was very good and full of great tips for beginner to intermediate riders, maybe even some who think they are advanced.

We met at Sunnybrook Hospital and spent the first 45 mins going over theory and tips prior to heading into Sunnybrook Park for some practical experience on the bikes.

Lucinda did a great job of breaking down the tips and explaining how they will help every rider. One great exercise that everyone who attended is sure to be practising now was the single footed pedal; it really shows you how inefficient we as riders can be when not pedalling in proper form.

Here are a few of Lucinda’s tips:

1. Increase your cadence and use easier gears. A higher cadence is more efficient because you are engaging your cardiovascular system, which when trained can be near limitless, instead of the muscular system.

2. Pedal in circles. Mashing down on your pedals can cause damage to your knees; focus on form by pulling your heels backwards at 5 o’clock and then at 9 o’clock pull up and kick your feet over the top (pull your knee towards the handlebar).

3. Form. Climbing in a seated position uses less energy than standing and, over time, will strengthen your leg muscles.

Thanks to Lucinda for all the great tips and to the Bike Rally for coordinating! If you want to know more why not attend the next seminar this Wednesday, June 23rd @ 630pm.

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Hairshirt Classic Double Century

14 01 2010

The desciption of this sounds just awful! A hairtshirt was a medieval form of monasterial punishment and penance. Essentially monks wore shirts woven of very coarse horse hair, which caused them to experience extreme discomfort. As wrong as this may be, I think me and my TREK have just found one of our pre-Montreal goals!

A century challenge is a ride of 100 miles! By simple mathematics a double century ride would be 200 miles or 322km! Crazy you say… a little maybe, the furthest I’ve gone to date is 135km.

The Hairshirt ride, organized by Toronto Bicycling Network,  takes you from Toronto to Niagara and back! It departs at 6am on June 27th and you have until midnight to complete it!

It’s still a few months away, but if anyone has any tips as far as training for this I’d really appreciate it!

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