Bike Rally – Day 1

24 07 2011

Year 2 on the Bike Rally and Day 1 is already behind me! A completely different experience from last year in that I know what to expect as far as the distance we need to ride each day and markers to our next break.

This time around I’m taking some more time to enjoy the great scenery that seems more vibrant this time around. The lake is gorgeous and a very bright blue, complemented by fields of green, yellow and purple!

Looking forward to tomorrow as we ride to Adolphustown and get to go for a lovely ferry ride!

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4 responses

24 07 2011
Timothy Burke

Congratulations on completing day one… very proud of you. –And thanks for taking the time to share the experience through your blog… we look forward to being along with you!

24 07 2011
Kat Hanley

Yay! Day 1 done!! D told me this morning went well – and I’ve tweeted about you – it was picked up by some media! 🙂


24 07 2011

Way to go Mikey…and Chris. Look forward to hearing about adventure each day.

25 07 2011

No day 2 update…hope you didn’t get caught in the showers we had here in T.O … well Markham anyway.

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